Project's Description

The initial design included two separate building.The first one was 1700m² in plan and has a basement and a ground floor. Its structural system is made of reinforced concrete. The only exception to this is its 27X32m steel roof, consisting of truss steel beams supported on the ground floor columns and beams. A raft foundation, to speed up the construction, was selected. Moreover, a temporary Berlin type retaining structure was designed, due to the existence of adjacent structures. The second building was smaller (dimensions 13.3 x 10.8 m).

However, this design was subsequently altered. The temporary Berlin type retaining structure was not allowed by the local authorities. For this reason, the basement has been reduced in plan, so is that it is not in contact with the neighboring buildings. As a result, a vertical, excavation in stages can be performed. The second building has been suppressed. Instead, the plan of the first building has been increased by 160 m2 (ground floor, basement, steel roof)



Project's Details
  • Client: METRO S.A.
  • Design Stages: Scheme and Detailed Design
  • Budget (Structural):  -
  • Design Period: 03/2010-06/2010 & 04/2011-06/2011
  • Project State: Completed
  • Architectural Design: P. MARKEZE (METRO S.A.)