Offered Services

Our company's basic activity is the design, supervision, checking and management of Civil and Structural Engineering Projects in the public and private sector. More specifically, the services offered include:


  • Structural design of reinforced and prestressed concrete, steel, masonry and timber buildings.
  • Bridge design
  • Design of underground engineering projects (bored and cut&cover tunnels, etc.)
  • Rehabilitation of reinforced concrete buildings, damaged due to earthquake action, fire, reinforcing steel corrosion or other durability problems
  • Restorations of listed masonry buildings according to the current requirements
  • Structural upgrade of existing reinforced concrete or masonry buildings for a potential seismic event
  • Structural and seismic design of buildings for building permit acquisition from the local authorities

Supervision and Project Management

  • On site structural supervision of building projects
  • Project management
  • Tender documents preparation
  • Technical specifications
  • Premeasurements and bill of quantities
  • Compilation of contract and contractor obligations documents
  • Construction planning
  • Quality control and quality assurance services
  • Technical advisor services
  • Independent design checking services for buildings and bridges