Our company
Quality Policy

Helliniki Meletitiki S.A., showing its respect for the Quality of the Services it provides, has incorporated the management of parameters relating to its operation into a Quality Management System, and is committed to its implementation.
The System complies with the regulations and management requirements described in International Standard EN ISO 9001: 2015 and covers the entire range of activities that Helliniki Meletitiki S.A. provides, which are described below:

  • Structural and Civil Engineering Design, Supervision and Consulting Services.

The principles underlying the implementation of the Management System are specified in this Quality Policy.

Helliniki Meletitiki S.A.is committed to "Structural and Civil Engineering Design, Supervision and Consulting Services ", using equipment of the appropriate technology, expert personnel, focusing on continuous innovation. In order to achieve these goals, the company is committed to provide the necessary resources.

Helliniki Meletitiki S.A. is committed to provide the means, acting in accordance with the legal and other requirements relating to its operation and the compliance of its services. The company is committed to a continuous effort to prevent accidents at work and occupational diseases, as well as to extinguish or minimize the risks that could arise from its activities.

In order to achieve these goals the company commits itself to provide and practice:

• Personnel and Associates with high level training and good organization
• Advanced Technology Equipment
• Services following contemporary methods
• Monitoring of services characteristics,
• Methodology for systematic identification of risks and danger,
• Dialogue on environmental issues with the co-participants
• Assurance of information availability

The Quality Management System is continuously observed through various indicators, as far as its efficiency is concerned. On the basis of continuous informing and annual review of the System, the Management binds itself to set new goals and to provide the necessary resources for the accomplishment of the targets.

The above Policy is available to the public and is shared with personnel and associates of the company, from whom requires faithful implementation. At regular intervals, the Policy is reviewed for its suitability and effectiveness, with commitment to continuous improvement in Quality Management.