Project' s Description

This 5 star resort consists of 2 complexes, hotel 1 and hotel 2. Our firm was engaged with the design of hotel 2. The structures include 13 buildings (wing A), a health club, a sports center, an aqua park, etc. Each building includes basement, ground level and 2 storeys. Wing A covers a total area of 30,000m2. A typical building includes swimming pool and pergolas at each balcony. The buildings are connected with timber walkways. The sports center comprises 4 structurally independent multi-purpose buildings, covering a total area of 9,500m2. All buildings are made of reinforced concrete and one of them has a 700m2 area truss girder roof.

The health club comprises 2 structurally independent building covering a total area of 6,000m2. For the foundation of the 13 buildings a raft foundation was used, with a 50 or 80 cm thick slab. All buildings are provided with a 30-60cm thick improvement layer Due to the possible existence of a shallow groundwater table, the sports center was constructed on a 50cm thick raft foundation with 1,00m high continuous strip footings. It is constructed on a water tight basin, while a 50cm thick improvement layer is provided. Finally, due to the loose ground in the construction area, the soil has been reinforced with gravel piles. In all cases, the improvement layer is sealed with class C12/15 10cm thick plain blinding concrete.

The buildings are partially or fully connected with each other with one or two-storey timber walkways. One or two-storey timber verandas are also constructed, connecting articulately to the rest of the building and ending up at timber or reinforced concrete columns (or act as cantilevers). In many cases timber pergolas are provided over the verandas.

At the building superstructures there are monopitch, duopitch or hipped timber roofs which interchange with concrete flat roof slabs. In certain occasions the roofs are visible from the inside of the building, mainly in the large reception halls. They are not visible at the accommodation buildings, where they abut on parapets or appropriately designed concrete bases on the building slabs. In certain rooms timber pergolas are constructed. The design of the timber structures was carried out for both hotel units.

Furthermore, the landscaped surroundings include several dining venues with international, multi ethnic, greek and local cuisine.  For all these, we designed the associated long-span steel or timber roofs, shelters or pergolas.



Project's Details
  • Design Stages: Detailed Design
  • Budget (Structural): 1,300,000 €
  • Design Period:   08/07-06/10
  • Project State: Completed
  • Architectural Detailed Design: AETER Architects H. Bougadellis and Associate Architects S.A. - Meletitiki A.N. Tompazis LTD
  • MEP Detailed Design: Triedros Meletitiki S.A.
  • Structural Detailed Design for the rest of the project: DOMI & Olibia Panagouli