Project's Description

 Blue City is a 12 phase mega-project planned in Oman, featuring modern building complexes, based on local traditional architecture. The new town consists of separate neighborhoods, each with its own distinct identity. Our scope of work was the structural design of 2 neighborhoods, N06 and N16, part of the 1st phase of the project. The structural system of the buildings was a reinforced concrete one, with a raft foundation, due to the unfavourable desert ground conditions. Analysis and design was carried out according to the American codes of practice, as far as the gravity and earthquake loads are concerned. Crack control was performed according to the British Standards.
Our firm was part of a multidisciplinary team, listed below, that undertook part of the design of the project. Preliminary design for the whole project, as well as later design stages, for other neighborhoods were performed by others, not mentioned here.

Project's Details
  • Client : Al Sawadi Investment & Tourism Co. LLC. / AECO Development LLC
  • Design stages : Scheme and Detailed Design
  • Budget (Total) : $15 billion
  • Design period : 2009
  • Project Stage : Construction has been suspended
  • Architectural Design (Scheme and Detailed Design): TEAM 4, AETER S.A.
  • Structural Design (Scheme and Detailed Design): Helliniki Meletitiki S.A., Kanon Meletitiki, Michanikoi Meleton and Efarmogon S.A., Denco S.A.
  • MEP Design (Scheme and Detailed Design): LDK S.A., N. Kavoulakos