Project's Description

The project consists of 3 structurally independent buildings. Buildings 1 and 2 are used for storage. They have a reinforced concrete basement and 2 steel superstructure, increased height, floors. Beams between columns span 13.2m. Building 1 is 35.2 X 27.4m in plan, while Building 2 is 26.6 X 14.1m. The basement framing system comprises 60/85cm columns and 40/90 beams. The equivalent superstructure sections are HEB500 columns and HEA300 beams. The longitudinal seismic force is being resisted by vertical diagonal or V-shape bracings.

Building 3 is smaller, 11.4 X 14.1m in plan, made of reinforced concrete, except its steel curved roof which is similar to that of the other buildings. Moreover, it has 2 shorter instead of 1 high floors , due to the intended office use.

A unified foundation composed of 1.2m high continuous beam footings and tie-beams was selected. Structural analysis of the concrete part was undertaken using the program STATIK by Cubus, whereas the steel part was analyzed using Staad-V8i by Bentley Systems. Analysis and design of a ramp retaining wall was included in our scope of work.



Project's Details
  • Client : Strogyloudis Galaktokomiki S.A.
  • Design Stages :   Scheme and Detailed Design
  • Budget (Structural) : 1.594.000€
  • Design Period :  05/2008 – 06/2008
  • Project State : Completed
  • Architectural Design:  Vasilios Adaloglou