Project' s Description 

Structural design of the steel roof of the sports centre, featuring an indoor pool and gym. The roof consists of 6 type N (Pratt) trusses, supported on reinforced concrete columns. The trusses are connected via longitudinal members, in order to reduce the out-of-plane buckling length, mainly of the top chord, under gravity loads, but also the bottom chord, under wind suction loading. All the sections are hollow.

The roofing is supported via 100mm high trapezoidal decking. The latter is self-supported for the design loads for a 5m span. In this way, purlins have been omitted, as the decking spans directly between the main trusses.

The design ensures the diaphragmatic action of the roof, which allows the leveraging of the high lateral stiffness of the corner shear walls. Due to the size of the decking, diaphragmatic action is achieved without the use of horizontal bracing.


Project's Details 
  • Client: ZITIKAT S.A. – ERGOMAR S.A.
  • Design stages: Scheme, Detailed Design - Technical support during construction 
  • Budget (Structural): 100.000 € ( roof structural system)
  • Design period: 04/2021-08/2021
  • Project Stage: Completed