Project' s Description

A 3,500 m2 building of special architectural morphology, which is developed in two floors, as “iposkafo”. It has been designed to be constructed via the cut and cover method. On its roof, backfilling and planting will take place, restoring the natural sloping terrain of the area, in which the building is situated. The structure is constructed of reinforced concrete with solid slabs and monolithically connected beams with a long span in the transverse direction. Beams frame, in both directions, with the vertical elements (columns and walls).

In order to avoid at least one transverse expansion joint in the "body" of the main building, temperature loads were taken into account in the analysis. However, these were reduced, as part of the complex is underground. The adjacent one storey MEP building is separated from the main building by seismic joints.

A raft slab has been selected as a reliable foundation system.

Finally, the project also features important works in the surrounding area.



Project's Details
  • Client: TEMES S.A.
  • Design Stages: Preliminary, Scheme, detailed design
  • Budget (Structural): 1.500.000 €
  • Design Period:   2014 - 2019
  • Project State: Completed
  • Architectural Design: AETER Architects H. Bougadellis and Associate Architects S.A.
  • MEP Design: KHM O.E.