Project's Description

This building of high aesthetics and specifications consists of three basements, of which the lower is below the water table, ground floor and three upper floors.

The design includes the pre-requisite temporary retaining system, with the method of pre-tensioned anchored cables, as well as a waterproof raft foundation under the floor of the lower level, at a depth of 11 meters .

The load-bearing structure is made of reinforced concrete. In the basements, a system of solid slabs on large span frames is specified

On the ground and 3rd floor, there is a system of ribbed and waffle slabs, while the ceilings of A and B floors consist of a conventional frame system.

The layout of columns and shear walls is disciplined to a high level of aesthetic requirements. Therefore, the seismic analysis of the building was conducted using specialized finite element software. The total area of the building, including underground parking space is around 12.800m2



Project's Details
  • Client: XZA-Architects
  • Design stages: All design stages and Construction Support
  • Budget (Structural): 3.800.000 €
  • Design period: 01/2018 – 10/2018
  • Supervision period: 12/2020 – σήμερα
  • Project State: Under Construction
  • Architectural Design: XZA-Architects